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Melanie Kobayashi

Melanie Kobayashi grew up in southwestern Ontario, Canada. She studied fine art at the University of Toronto and Simon Fraser University. After living abroad for several years, she moved to Vancouver, B.C., where she works in a studio in the heart of the city. Her work can be found in private and corporate collections in Canada and Japan.

Artist’s Statement

The world leaks. We drip, ooze, and heave on a planet that belches smoke and fire. As a species we are determined to sanitize and contain our bodies and everything we contact. Ironically, while science dangles the promise of absolute control and perfection, the more we discover the less we can be sure of. Even a straight line becomes more illusory as new technologies reveal greater fissures along its continuum. My art addresses the cracks in the facade, the mess, those straggling ethereal bits of dreams, wind, joy, and rage that cannot be explained or contained.